Drawings and inspiration for the Kimono collection

Drawings and inspiration for the Kimono collection

Alice Cicolini’s practice is rooted in mastercraftsmanship, both here in London and in India. Her network of practitioners in both of these vibrant centres for fine jewellery give her a unique opportunity to provide clients with access to sublime craftsmanship, guided by her signature ability to draw out the best of each of these stylistic and making traditions.

Alice offers a series of ways in which clients can commission pieces, from creating new jewels from heirloom stones to cutting stones specifically to realise new designs; incorporating client’s metals into a new piece, to casting with Fairtrade metals; finally, clients can engage with her made-to-measure service, exploring new stones and colourways to order within existing collections. For clients worldwide, she has developed a process where the body of the jewel can be created and shipped to clients for local setting where the value of the stones prohibits international shipment.

When commissioning a bespoke piece, Alice likes to meet her clients to best understand how to create their unique jewel. A series of designs are presented before taking one forward to fruition. Clients are presented with their signed artwork, and the jewels are delivered with a certificate of guarantee in a museum archive box that denotes their heirloom status.

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